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Posted on: January 21, 2010 9:28 am

Undertaker's Detailed Wrestlemania History 17-0

From most recent to the beginning.

Wrestlemania XXV - Undertaker over Shawn Michaels

           Match Of The Year award winner, may be the last match between these to again this year at XXVI.

Wrestlemania XXIV - Undertaker over Edge

  •  Edge came into the event the World Heavyweight Champ, putting his belt up against Taker's perfect record at Mania.  After the two traded finishes, Edge landed a spear and looked to be in position to win but Taker pulled a gogoplata out of no where and submitted the Rated-R Superstar. 

Wrestlemania XXIII - Undertaker over Batista

  • Batista also entered as the World Heavyweight Champ, Undertaker took the pinfall after :45 minutes of back to back, bloodied action.

Wrestlemania XXII - Undertaker over Mark Henry

  • Undertaker defeated Mark Henry in a Casket match.  Mark Henry the heel wrestled and dominated the Taker for a good portion of the match. Taker didn't knock Henry down until a sudden Last Ride from the corner. Following another suicide dive by Taker, he tombstoned Henry in the middle of the ring and rolled him into the casket. What's interesting about this match is that Taker plays the smaller, faster guy against the lumbering bohemoth Henry.

Wrestlemania XXI - Undertaker Over Randy Orton

  • Wrestlemania 21 and saw the young Orton get the rub from Taker. Undertaker gave Orton a good amount of offense but Cowboy Bob Orton had to interfere near the end of the match. Randy gained the upperhand and tried to Tombstone Taker but the dead man would have none of it, administering his own Tombstone then the eventual pin.

Wrestlemania XX - Undertaker over Kane

  • The year was 2004 and the site was Madison Square Garden and something strange was happening. A man had risen from the dead after being buried alive by his brother Kane. Much to Kane's astonishment, the Undertaker rose from the grave take revenge on his brother thus rebooting the Deadman gimmick and ditched the American Badass. The Big Red Machine and Taker put on a good match but when the Undertaker won the chokeslam stand off, you knew he was taking the match.

Wrestlemania XIV - Undertaker over Big Show and

  • The Undertaker was set to team up with the felonious Nathan Jones at WrestleMania 19 against the team of the Big Show and the A-Train. Jones was attacked by Train and Show prior to the match and Undertaker was forced to fight the two goliaths in a Handicap Match. Taker came out to the insufferable Limp Bizkit and proceeded to hold his own. The match ended with A-Train in a tombstone and the Taker's record intact.

Wrestlemania XVIII - Undertaker over Ric Flair

  • Undertaker challenged Ric Flair to a match at Wrestlemani 18.,the two legends faced off in a No Disqualification Match. Flair countered Taker's Old School, one of the few people to do so on that stage, swinging the momentum his way. In a creative spot, Flair used a lead pipe from Taker's motorcycle. Arn Anderson did a run-in later on and delivered a Spinebuster. Still Flair only got a two count, Taker put Anderson in a Dragonsleeper before he landed the Tombstone to win the match.

Wrestlemani XVII - Undertaker over Triple H

  • The two of them began battling it out outside the ring before the match and took out the Spanish Announcing table very early on. After the ref was knocked unconscious when Taker slingshot Triple HHH into him, the two fought outside the ring and made their way to the technical area. After a series of chair shots from Hunter, Taker reversed it and chokeslammed HHH off the scaffold area and then dropped an elbow on him. Back in the ring, Undertaker failed one Last Ride but nailed the second and sealed the victory.

Wrestlemania XV - Undertaker over Big Bossman

  • Hell in A Cell Match. Taker threw BBM in a Tombstone and pinned him in the middle of the ring. It was a good solid cage match but the real attraction was afterwards. The Undertaker looked up to the rafters and called forth the Brood, who tore through the top of the cage and gave the Undertaker a noose. Taker put the noose on BBM, the Brood returned from whence they came and Boss Man was hung from the middle of the cage as it was slowly raised from the ring.

Wrestlemania XIV - Undertaker over Kane

  • The brothers battled it out as viewers saw many of the in-ring gimmicks and moves used by the Undertaker appropriated Kane and used against Taker. It took three Tombstones to finally make Kane stop sitting up but after the match, Kane rallied and at the direction of Paul Bearer, beat the Undertaker up and Tombstoned him onto a steel chair.

Wrestlemania XIII - Undertaker over Psycho Syd

  • Undertaker challenged Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship in 1997, this match featured a lot of outside intereference from Bret Hart. He came out first to taunt and insult Sid, who managed to get his hands on Bret and powerbombed him. Undertaker saw the opening and started wailing away on Sid. Later on, Hart interfered again and hit Sid with a chair. Still, Sid kept strong and recovered, eventually setting up a powerbomb on Taker. But Hart came in again and distracted him and Taker was able to land the Tombstone to win.

Wrestlemania XII - Undertaker over Diesel

  • Undertaker and Diesel warmed up the crowd of nearly 19,000. Donning the purple gloves, which couldn't have been comfortable to wrestle in, the Undertaker took a good beating from Diesel, but the man from beyond kept on coming back. When the Undertaker landed the choke slam on Deisel you knew he was winning the match. Moments later he put Diesel in a Tombstone and took home the victory.

Wrestlemania XI - Undertaker over King Kong Bundy

  • Ted Dibiase and the Corporation stole the Undertaker's urn at the 1995 Royal Rumble,, the Undertaker wanted revenge. He took control of the match early and managed to re-obtain his coveted urn momentarily. Dibiase called Kama (also known as Papa Shango) in to steal the urn once again. But nothing could stop the Undertaker from his revenge, not even the massive girth of King Kong Buddy. After an avalanche splash in the corner, the Undertaker clothelined Bundy and than slammed him for the win.

Wrestlemania IX - Undertaker over Giant Gonzalez

  • Harvey Whippleman, Gonzalez's manager threw him a towel soaked with chloroform.  Gonzales, who used it to knock the Undertaker out, the Giant was disqualified for using a foreign object and the Undertaker was awarded the victory.

Wrestlemani VIII - Undertaker over Jake "The Snake" Roberts

  •  The pair of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the Undertaker seemed a match made in heaven by a deranged angel, but Taker turned on Roberts. After a brutal attack by Roberts in the funeral parlor, the former partners were scheduled to square off in a match at Wrestlemania VIII. Roberts cut one of the greatest promos ever prior to the match and helped to make Undertaker a star during the course of the match.

Wrestlemania VII - Undertaker over Jimmy Snuka

  • Undertaker got his Wrestlemania debut here and took it to Snuka early and fast, it marked the beginning of the Undertaker's reign.
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