Posted on: January 6, 2010 3:14 pm


Well, I am glad they are looking to do a brand new show (presumably live) to go up against Raw from 8-10. I really think this is the far better time slot, because they clearly get an hour head start before Raw. Absolutely brilliant.

That way, they can carry the viewers from 8:00-10 PM, and have the advantage in their court, since obviously WWE is not on from 8-9.

There are a lot of grudges going on here that is fueling this fire. Hogan is mad at Vince, and vice versa. And I am sure that Spike TV still has some bad feelings left from when WWE left their network, and this is the perfect opportunity with the right fire power to get back at them.

But the 8-10PM Monday time slot is definitely a big win for TNA to get a full hour head start. Also, we can expect the first head to head show that at 8:55 PM, out will come Hulk Hogan.

As far as fans stating that going up against WWE is "ratings suicide", give me a break. There are so many disgruntled fans these days that simply watch WWE out of habit, it isn't even funny. I think these fans are just begging for there to be some competition out there to watch.
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