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Posted on: February 4, 2010 6:23 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2010 6:24 pm

Browns Offseason!

What we know:
Holmgren is the President of the team. Mangini and his staff will stay for at least the 2010 season. Former Eagle GM Tom Heckard is the new GM under Holmgren. Former GM Kokinis is suing the Browns to get his contract honored. And finally, KR/WR/PR/Wild Cat QB Cribbs hasn't gotten paid yet. That is it. That is all we know for sure.

I have rubbed my crystal ball and consulted my daughter Kassara who knows more about football than the Lions entire front office, and this is what we speculate MAY happen.

Mangini will not be the coach in 2011 if there is a season. He is on double secret probation with Holmgren and his new administration. Any slip up or serious disagreement on policy between them and Mangini will do a disappearing act even better than Kokinis' being frog walked out of the building.

The speculation by others is that he is waiting for Jon “Chuckie” Gruden to become available to take over the coaching duties. That may be the case. Holmgren is very careful with his words. He has said that the offer he was given by Lerner was President, GM, coach or any or all of the above. According to his own words it was a tough decision on coaching himself or letting someone else to do it. Holmgren has a BIG job ahead of him. There are a ton of problems with the team particularly on offense. There are also a ton of contracts that have to be done or players let go. Those decisions will take time.
By the start of the 2011off season (if there is one) he should have things in the front office under control. If Gruden is available he may go that way. However, there is at least as good a chance that he will name himself HC and bring in the staff that he wants.

We don't know a lot about the qualifications of GM Tom Heckard. In Philly he did not have the final word on whom to draft and whom to pass on. He gathered the scouting reports from the scouts and organized them for use in the war room. Only time will tell how he does as a full service GM in Cleveland. However, I doubt that Holmgren would risk his reputation on someone about whom he had major concerns. I will give Mike the benefit of the doubt until evidence is in.

Cribbs will get his money but Kokinis may not.

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